Trade on the Chart

About Trade on the chart

If you have a demo or live trading account at Interactive Brokers, MBTrading or any Forex broker using the MetaTrader platform, you can manage your positions directly from VestraCharts

Set up your position on the chart

In VestraCharts, you can create and manage every parameter of your trading positions directy on the chart – with just a few clicks. No need to enter numbers, ever. The chart provides real-time visual feedback of everything you do.

Limit Buy or Stop Buy order?

Drag the Entry icon to the preferred price level on the chart. VestraCharts will automatically use the corresponding order type based on the entry price and the current price of the instrument. For example, if your specified entry price is above the current price, and you enter a Long trade, VestraCharts will automatically create a Long Stop order.

How big is the potential risk and reward?

You can check all the critical information before committing the creation of a new position:

  • Value of 1 pip: that depends on the position size and the forex pair / futures contract.
  • Your risk: specified in dollars

View all changes to your position on the chart

In VestraCharts, every modification of a position is visible on the chart. Did you move up your stop level at 10:28? The chart displays both the previous stop level and the new one specified at 10:28 so that you can easily track your trading visually.

Review your past trades on the chart

To learn from your past experience, it is not enough to view an Excel sheet of the profits and losses of your past trades. What if you could review them on the chart, with all the changes you made at different times. You can see the time you entered an entry order, when it got filled, how you changed the stop and target prices over time, and what was the end result of that trade.

Detailed documentation on the order management functions

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