Creating a new watchlist

To create a new watchlist, click on the New watchlist button in top of the Watchlist window.

VestraCharts New watchlist

If the watchlist window is not wide enough, these icons may be hidden to have more space for displaying the current watchlist’s name. If you don’t see the New watchlist icon as shown in the screenshot above, click and drag the vertical separator line to increase the width of of the watchlist window:

VestraCharts Watchlist resize

In the Create new watchlist dialog, enter a name of your watchlist into the field Watchlist name, and click OK to create a new empty watchlist. (Please note that there may not be two watchlists with the same name).

VestraCharts New watchlist

Add tickers to a watchlist

Click on the Add Tickers located in the lower left corner of the watchlist window.

VestraCharts Add Tickers icon

You may enter multiple ticker codes into the dialog box, separated with comma or new line (by pressing Enter).

VestraCharts Add tickers to watchlist

Click OK to confirm. You’ll see the tickers appear in the watchlist window.

VestraCharts new tickers

Selecting tickers in a watchlist

  • Left-click on an individual ticker to select a single ticker.
  • Hold down the CTRL key, and left-click on multiple tickers to select multiple tickers.
  • Left-click on the first ticker, hold the SHIFT key while left-click on the last ticker to select a contiguous block.
  • Click into the watchlist area to activate, and press CTRL+A to select all tickers in the current watchlist.

Removing tickers

To remove the selected tickers from the watchlist, press the Delete key, or click on the Delete Tickers button on the bottom of the watchlist window.

VestraCharts - Delete tickers from watchlist

Switch between watchlists

To switch between your watchlists, click on the dropdown displaying the name of the current watchlist, and select a new watchlist from the drop-down list.

VestraCharts change watchlist

Using built-in watchlists

VestraCharts has several built-in watchlists. When creating a new watchlist, you may choose a built-in watchlist to automatically fill in all the ticker codes into the newly created watchlist. For example, create a new watchlist, and fill it with the tickers of the S&P 500 components:

  • Click on the New watchlist button.
  • Enter a unique name for the watchlist.
  • Click on the Populate with built-in symbol list dropdown menu, and select the AOL: S&P 500 components item.
  • Click OK to confirm.
  • The newly created watchlist will contain all the tickers of the S&P 500.

VestraCharts built-in watchlist

Using the Star watchlist to collect promising tickers

There is a special Watchlist in VestraCharts called Star watchlist that can be used to easily collect all the tickers you want to remember for some reason. You may browse through the charts of the instruments of S&P 500, and if you find a promising instrument that you expect to give a good trading situation in the next days, you might write down the ticker code of that instrument. Or you can mark it with a single click, like in many e-mail software where you can click on the little Star icon in the e-mail subject to mark that e-mail as important.

As you may have noticed, there is a little Star icon in the Ticker code textbox of every Chart window, and there is also a star icon in the first column of the Watchlist window.

VestraCharts - Star watchlist

In our scenario, the AA.AOL ticker is displayed in the Chart window. Click on the Star icon to the left of the Ticker entry textbox of the Chart window. When you click on any of the Star icons for the first time, a dialog box named Select starred watchlist appears. Here you may select any watchlist that will collect the marked tickers. It is recommended to create a new empty watchlist for that purpose, and name it accordingly.

Click on the Create new watchlist button to open the Create new watchlist dialog, and create a new empty watchlist, name it Favorites. (If you do not know how to create a watchlist, take a quick look at the Basics tab in this page.)

VestraCharts - Star watchlist

Returning from the Create new watchlist dialog box, our new watchlist appears in the list. Select it if it is not already selected, and click OK.

VestraCharts - Star watchlist

As you can see, the Star icon in the Chart window is now filled, indicating that the currently displayed ticker is in the Star watchlist. Click on the Star icon again to remove the current ticker from the Star watchlist.

You may click on any Star icons in the watchlist to mark that ticker and put it into the Star watchlist, or click again to remove it from the Star watchlist.

VestraCharts - Star watchlist

You can switch to the Favorites watchlist that is used to collect the starred tickers, if you just want to browse through the promising trade situations you’ve collected previously

VestraCharts - Star watchlist

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