VestraCharts was built to be able to provide unique and unusual Drawing Tools and Studies. That’s why you might not find all the well-known studies available.

Adding Studies to a chart

The Studies window shows the studies and parameters of the active chart window. Click on the checkbox next to a study name to add it to the active chart. The study will be put on the main chart area, or below the main chart area in a separate window – depending on the study type.

Resizing a study window

To resize a study window, drag the separator line between the windows and move to the desired position.


Favorite parameters

Most studies are used with a few distinct parameter values. For example, the RSI is commonly applied with Periods 14 and 21. You can save your commonly used parameters, and apply them with one click.

The following example is using the RSI, but the principles are the same for the other study types.

  • Click on the checkbox before the RSI in the Studies window to activate it. The default parameter value for RSI is 15. A new RSI study is applied to the active chart window.
  • If you want to change the Periods value from 15 to 21, move the mouse over the button showing the value 15. As you move your mouse over that button, new buttons are displayed in the same line. Click on the Edit settings button.
  • In the dialog box, change the Periods value to 21, and click OK.
  • To add a new Periods value that is also frequently used, move your mouse over the RSI text in the Studies window. Click on the appearing Add new settings button, and change the Periods to your preferred value in the dialog box (14 in the example), and click OK.
  • Now you have two favorite parameters. Click on the button with the parameter value to activate or deactivate it.
  • To delete a favorite parameter, click on the Delete Settings button appearing next to it when you move your mouse over the parameter button.

General settings

Most studies have global general settings. Such settings include line styles and colors, etc. The actual settings vary by study type.

To access the General settings of a study, click on the Settings button next to the study name.

The following image shows the general settings dialog of the RSI study.

Hiding unused studies from the Studies window

Most people only use a few study types. You can hide the unused studies from the Studies window so you have a cleaner interface.

Click on the Show/hide studies icon on the top toolbar of the Studies window. This activates the Show/Hide mode. Click on the “eye” icon before each individual Study name to show or hide it.

Click on the Show/hide studies icon on the top toolbar again to apply the changes and return to the normal mode.

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