After starting VestraCharts.exe, the following login screen appears:

To get a 14-day free trial version of VestraCharts, register and download at:

To log in, enter your e-mail address, and the password you’ve received in the registration email.

It is recommended to check Save username & Password option so that your password is remembered, and automatically filled next time you run VestraCharts.

Click the Login button to continue.

Possible errors

  • Invalid password: You may have entered a wrong password. Click the eye icon next to the password box to show password text instead of asterisks. That way you can check the entered password. If you’ve copied your password, and pasted by pressing CTRL+V while in the password box, it is possible that an additional space character is also copied to the beginning or the end of the password.
  • Invalid Machine ID: With a single subscription you are allowed to run VestraCharts on two different computers. If one of your computer’s hardware changes, or you have re-installed the operating system, you may need to ask us to re-set the computer IDs associated to your account. Please contact us.

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