Resizing windows

To resize a window, move the mouse cursor over the gray separator line that is drawn between windows. The mouse cursor will change to indicate that the separator can be moved. Press and hold the left mouse button, and move the mouse to resize the window.

VestraCharts - Resize window

Editing layout

To make changes on the current workspace, click on the Change Workspace icon in the top right corner of the VestraCharts window.

VestraCharts - Change workspace icon

In the pop-up window, click on the Edit layout button.

VestraCharts - Workspaces

The screen has changed, and now is displaying the schematic layout of the current workspace. The windows with a black background are chart windows (also have a Chart window label). The windows with gray background are so-called Gadget windows that may contain other types of windows (Watchlist, Studies, Scanners) that are not charts.

The default layout has one big Chart window to the left, and a smaller Gadget window to the right. That Gadget window has a Watchlist and a Studies window behind eachother.

Changing the position of the Drawings toolbar

You can move the Drawing toolbar to the left or to the right of the VestraCharts window. To change the position, click on the appropriate arrow button next to the Toolbar position label in the top.

VestraCharts - Layout, Toolbar position

Creating multiple chart windows

Enter into Layout editing mode if you are not already there, by clicking on the Change workspace icon, and pressing the Edit layout button from the pop-up window.

VestraCharts - Change workspace icon

Let’s split the Chart window vertically to create two chart windows. As soon as you move the mouse cursor over the chart window, a small scissors icon appears in the center-top area of that window (and a few other icons appear too, but they are not important for now). Moving the mouse cursor over the scissors icon shows its tooltip, saying Split window vertically. Click on the icon to split the window so that we have two chart windows next to eachother.

VestraCharts - Edit layout

Let’s split the right chart window to have two chart window one above the other. Move the mouse cursor over the right chart window, and now locate the other scissors icon on the right-center part of the window (with a tooltip saying Split window horizontally). Click on that scissors icon to split the chart window horizontally.

VestraCharts - Edit layout

Split the left chart window horizontally by using the same icon. Now we have the following layout:

VestraCharts - Edit layout

You can save the current layout by clicking on the Accept button in the top of the VestraCharts window, and return to the live workspace mode. To revert back to the original layout, press Cancel.

VestraCharts - Accept layout

Click Accept to save the layout we have just created.

VestraCharts - Layout

The newly created chart windows are empty for now. You can display different instruments in each chart by entering their ticker codes into the Ticker code field of each chart window, and pressing Enter.

VestraCharts - Multiple chart windows

Gadget window basics

The Gadget window is a common name for all window types that are not containing a chart, like Watchlist, Studies etc. In the default layout, we have one Gadget window to the right side of the screen, containint a Watchlist and a Studies window “behind eachother”. In this layout, only one of the two windows are visible at once. Click on the Studies label to bring the Studies window forward

VestraCharts - switch gadget windows

Now the Studies window is visible, and the Watchlist window is “behind” the Studies window. Click on the Watchlist label to switch back to the Watchlist window:

VestraCharts - switch gadget windows

Arranging Gadget windows

To change the layout of the Gadget window, click on the Change Workspace icon in the top right corner of the screen, and click Edit layout in the pop-up menu.

VestraCharts - Change workspace icon

In the schematic view, the Gadget windows are represented by windows with gray background (and a Gadget window label). In the default layout we have one Gadget window in the right side of the screen, containing two windows: a Watchlist and a Studies window. These names are displayed as well right below the Gadget window label.

VestraCharts - Layout - Gadget windows

Let’s make both the Watchlist and the Studies windows visible at once, one above the other. First, split the one Gadget window we have horizontally. Move the mouse over the Gadget window, and locate the appearing scissors icon to the right-center of the Gadget window (it has a tooltip Split window horizontally. Click on that scissors icon.

VestraCharts - Gadget window layout

Now we have two Gadget windows, but in the newly created Gadget window there are no windows while the original still contains the Watchlist and the Studies. Click on the Gadget window that has both the Watchlist and Studies window (you may click on any part of the Gadget window that is not a button).

VestraCharts - Gadget window layout

In the newly appeared dialog box you can see all the available Gadget window types. The buttons with the pushed state (dark gray) are selected. If there are more selected gadgets, they are displayed behind eachother, only one is visible at any time. Click on the Watchlist button to de-select it. That way we remove the Watchlist window from that Gadget window. Click OK to accept.

VestraCharts - Gadget window layout

Now put the Watchlist window into the empty Gadget window. Click on the empty Gadget window to bring up the Window contents dialog box. Then click on the Watchlist button to select it. Make sure the other buttons are not in selected state. Click OK to accept. You should see the following screen layout:

VestraCharts - Edit layout

Click the Accept button on the top of the screen to save the layout and return to live workspace mode. In the right side of the screen you can find the Watchlist and the Studies window, one below the other, but both of them are visible. The Studies window may be empty if there is no active chart window (The Studies window shows the studies settings of the active chart window). Click on any of the chart window to activate one.


Linking windows

By linking multiple windows, when you change the current ticker in one of the linked windows, all the other linked windows will adjust themselves accordingly. If we link a Chart window to the Watchlist window, we can easily walk through the tickers in the watchlist, and the linked Chart window will display the chart of the currently selected ticker automatically.

For the first example, we are using a simple layout with a single Chart window to the left, and the Watchlist window to the right. This is the default layout in VestraCharts.

VestraCharts - Linking windows

To link the chart window and the Watchlist window together, first click on the Link color icon to the left of the Ticker entry textbox of the Chart window. From the popup menu, select Link 1.

VestraCharts - Linking windows

Click on the Link color icon of the Watchlist window, and from the pop-up menu also select Link 1.

VestraCharts - Linking windows

Now the two windows are linked together. When you click on a ticker code in the Watchlist window, the linked Chart window will automatically display that selected ticker. This way you can easliy browse through the tickers of the watchlist manually, by using the Up and Down keys on the keyboard while the watchlist window is in focus.

VestraCharts - Linking windows

Viewing multiple timeframes

If you want to see multiple time frames (for example, a Weekly chart and a Daily chart) of the same instrument, it is recommended to create two Chart windows, and link them together. That way, when you manually change the ticker of one Chart window, the other linket Chart windows will update themselves automatically. If all the chart windows are linked to the Watchlist window, you can easily browse through the tickers of the watchlist, viewing the chart of multiple timeframes of the selected ticker.

VestraCharts - Linking windows

Note that both the Chart windows’ and the Watchlist window’s Link color have been set to Link 1. The left chart window shows the Weekly time frame (indicated by the W), the right chart window shows the Daily time frame.

Using multiple workspaces

You can create up to six different workspace layouts, and switch between them using a few clicks

To select the current workspace, click on the Change workspace icon in the top toolbar. The pop-up window shows six small windows. That represent the six available workspaces. By default, only the first is used, the others are empty. The non-empty workspaces show the schematic layout of that workspace. To switch to the second workspace, click on its window.

VestraCharts - Change workspace

When you switch to a blank workspace, the default layout is automatically created, that is, a big chart window in the left, and a smaller Gadget window with Watchlist and Studies to the right. You can change the layout of this workspace, split windows to create more chart windows, as seen in the previous chapters

You can quickly switch back to the first workspace by clicking on the Change workspace icon, and clicking on the first workspace.

In a workspace layout, everything is saved: the window positions and sizes, all the chart settings, the current watchlist, and the selected ticker in that watchlist, the assigned link color – everything.

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