Drawing tools

About Drawing tools

The vertical bar on the left or right side of the VestraCharts window is the Drawings toolbar. To create a new drawing, or modify/delete an existing one, first click on the specified drawing’s icon on the Drawings toolbar.

The following example shows various tasks with the Trendline tool. Most of the other tools work the same way.

Creating a new Trendline

Click on the Trendline icon on the Drawings toolbar to activate it.

Move the mouse on the chart window, to the desired starting position of the new Trendline. Press and hold the Left Mouse button to start a new Trendline. Move the mouse to the desired end position of the Trendline, and release the Left Mouse button to finish creating the Trendline.

After releasing the Left Mouse button our new Trendline is created, and this Trendline is selected automatically, indicated by the two small rectangles at its endpoints.

Moving a Trendline

To move one of the endpoints of the currently selected Trendline, move the mouse over the endpoint. The mouse cursor changes to movement arrows.

Press and hold the Left Mouse button to move the endpoint to a different location, and release the mouse button when you are finished.

To move the whole Trendline without changing its slope, move the mouse to the line itself. The mouse cursor changes to arows pointing to four directions.

Press and hold the Left Mouse button to move the whole Trendline to the desired location, and release the mouse button when you are finished.


Selecting a drawing

After creating a new Drawing it is selected automatically. To de-select this drawing, click anywhere on the chart not pointing to any drawing. The two small boxes (the selection indicators) disappear from the Trendline.

If point at a Trendline with the mouse, the cursor changes to Hand shape, indicating that this drawing can be manipulated. Click the pointed Trendine to select it.

While the Trendline tool is active, you can only select Trendlines.

VestraCharts - Select trendline

If there are more drawings on the chart, after selecting one, the others are automatically faded. After de-selecting the current drawing, all the drawings are displayed using normal color.

VestraCharts - Select trendline

Delete the selected drawing

To delete the currently selected drawing, click on the Delete currently selected drawing icon in the top right toolbar of the VestraCharts window, or press the Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard.

VestraCharts - Delete drawing

Delete all drawings on a chart

To delete all drawings on the current ticker, click on the Chart Data icon of the chart’s toolbar, and select Delete all drawings from the pop-up menu.

VestraCharts - Delete drawing

Drawings settings

Most drawings have type-specific customization possibilities. The settings are accessible the same way for all drawing types. This example shows the Trendline settings.

First, create a new Trendline, or select an existing one.

The selected drawing’s settings bar is on the middle top area of the VestraCharts window.

VestraCharts - Trendline settings

For Trendlines, we can select between 4 different line styles. Click on a line style button to set the line style of the selected Trendline.

Customizing line styles

To customize the line styles, click on the Trendline Settings icon. That opens the Trendline Settings dialog where you can change the line styles and colors.

VestraCharts - Trendline settings
VestraCharts - Trendline settings dialog

Information about a Trendline

When a Trendline is selected, some additional information is displayed on the Drawing settings bar about that specific Trendline:

  • Angle: the angle of the line slope.
  • Bars: the number of bars between the start and the end point of the Trendline.
  • Pips: difference in pips (or ticks/cents) between the upper and lower price of the Trendline

Selecting different drawings

All drawings can be selected and manipulated only when their respected drawing tool is active. For example, while the Trendline tool is active, you can only select, modify and create Trendlines.

To select any type of drawing on the chart, you may use the Select tool.

VestraCharts - Select tool

While the Select tool is active, move the mouse over any drawing on the chart. The mouse cursor will change to a Hand shape when the mouse is over any selectable drawing.

Left-click to select the pointed drawing. The drawing tool for the selected drawing type is activated automatically, so you can manipulate the drawing normally. After de-selecting the drawing, the Select tool is activated again.

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