VestraCharts can connect to MetaTrader 4 client to get realtime and historical data, and manage your trades. First you need to install the MetaTrader 4 – VestraCharts Bridge.

Installing the MetaTrader 4 – VestraCharts Bridge

1. Download MT4VC Installer

2. Run the installer, and proceed through the pages of the installer wizard.
(The installer will remind you to quit any running MetaTrader instances.)

3. If you have installed more than one MetaTrader clients to your computer, choose the instances you would like to use with VestraCharts.
(You may install the MT4VC Bridge under multiple MetaTrader clients, but only one of them is allowed to run at any time)

4. After the installer has finished, start MetaTrader.

5. Inside MetaTrader click the Tools menu and select the Options menu item.

6. Switch to the Expert Advisors tab, and make sure the checkboxes are set up like in the following image::

7. Go to the Navigator window, click on the small + icon left to the Expert Advisors item to expand its contents if it is not already expanded. Find the expert advisor named MT4VC. Click on the MT4VC and drag it to the current chart window, eg. onto the EUR/USD chart. Click OK in the appearing dialog box to confirm.

8. If you have an active firewall on your computer, a warning dialog might appear. Please allow MetaTrader to act as a server.
(It is only communicating with the locally running VestraCharts, does not go out to the internet.)

9. Check the top right corner of the chart window in MetaTrader. It must show the MT4VC text and a happy smiley. In the top left corner of the chart window you must see the MT4VC text, the version number, and a rolling line, indicating that the expert is running.

10. Open a separate chart window in MetaTrader for all forex pairs you would like to use in VestraCharts.
(You don’t need to assign the MT4VC Expert Advisor to more charts, only to one.)

11. Change the time frame of the charts to M1, so the 1 minute charts will always be up-to-date inside MetaTrader. VestraCharts is using the 1 minute data to build all the other charts.

Connect VestraCharts to MetaTrader

The MT4VC must be already installed as described in the previous topic.

In the VestraCharts window, locate the small led with the MT label at the bottom right corner of the window. Click on the MT icon, and select Enable from the pop-up menu.

VestraCharts will try to connect to MetaTrader. The blue led indicates that a connection is in progress. If the connection is successful, the led will flash green. If the connection is failed, the led will turn to red. Move your mouse over the red led to see the connection error message.

View a Forex chart using MetaTrader data

Click on the Ticker Entry textbox of a chart window in VestraCharts, and enter the desired forex pair, with a .MT postfix, eg. EUR/USD.MT and press Enter.

Downloading Historical data in MetaTrader

VestraCharts is using the M1 and D historical data to create all its other time framed charts. It is important to have enough M1 historical data in MetaTrader for the longer term charts.

After the VestraCharts – MetaTrader4 Bridge has been installed, a new script named LoadHistory appears under the Scripts in the MetaTrader Navigation window.

To download historical data, start this script (double-click on the script name).

While the script is running, the contents of the chart window in MetaTrader is constantly changing. Do not touch MetaTrader while the script is running. It is best to leave your computer until the download finished.)


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