About MBTrading data connection

If you have a Demo or Live trading account at MBTrading, you can view realtime charts for Forex, Futures and US Stocks, and manage your trades in VestraCharts.

Click here to open a new Demo/Live trading account at MBTrading

Connecting VestraCharts to MBTrading

  1. Click on the Data Connection Settings icon in the bottom right corner of the VestraCharts window.
  2. VestraCharts Data Connection Settings

  3. Select MBTrading from the list of available Data Providers, and click Next.
  4. Select MBTrading on Broker Connection Settings

    Select MBTrading on Broker Connection Settings

  5. Enter your MBTrading username and password into the appropriate text fields.
    You may copy the password from the clipboard by pressing CTRL+V while the textbox has focus. Click on the small eye icon right to the password field to show the current password instead of asterisks.

    MBTrading connection setup dialog in VestraCharts

    MBTrading connection setup dialog in VestraCharts

  6. Select your connection type:
    • Quote API: If you only want to use VestraCharts for technical analysis only. No trade management is possible with this connection type.
    • MBT Desktop: you must install MBT Desktop software before. You can also manage your trades from VestraCharts with this connection type.
      Click here to download MBT Desktop

    You need MBT Desktop connection if you want to manage trades from VestraCharts.

    MBTrading does not allow simultaneous connection with the same user from both the MBT Desktop software and VestraCharts. If you choose MBT Desktop conneciton type, make sure the MBT Desktop software is not running!

  7. Click the Connect button to connect to MBTrading servers. If the connection is successful, click Next.
  8. Check the watchlists you would like to use, and click Finish.
    The checked watchlists will be created only if they do not already exist. Your existing watchlists will not be changed.
  9. Select watchlists for MBTrading data connection

    Select watchlists for MBTrading data connection

MBTrading Ticker code rules

  • Equities: Use an „.MB” postfix, eg. AAPL.MB
  • Forex: the two currency codes separated with forward slash („/”) and the „.MB” postfix, eg. EUR/USD.MB
  • Futures: Start with a forward slash prefix („/”) then the two-or-three letter code of the futures contract, the letter code of the expiration month, and the single last digit of expiration year. Don’t forget the “.MB” postfix. Eg.
Expiration months
Letter Month
H Mar
M Jun
U Sep
Z Dec
MBTrading Futures ticker code examples
Ticker Meaning
/ESH2.MB ES futures contract expiring in Jan, 2012
/YMU3.MB YM futures contract expiring in Sep, 2013

Built-in watchlists for MBTrading

In VestraCharts there are built-in watchlists that may be useful when using MBTrading as a data provider. Instead of manually entering the ticker codes, you can use a built-in watchlist. More about built-in watchlists in the Watchlists chapter.

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