Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IB) is a low cost provider of trade execution and clearing services for individuals, advisors, prop trading groups, brokers and hedge funds. IB’s premier technology provides direct access to stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds on over 100 markets worldwide from a single IB Universal account.

Member NYSE, FINRA, SIPC. Visit for more information.

About support for Interactive Brokers in VestraCharts

After connecting VestraCharts to the Interactive Brokers TWS platform, realtime and historical data is available in VestraCharts for all the instruments you have a data subscription at Interactive Brokers. You can manage orders for stocks, ETFs, futures and forex pairs from inside VestraCharts.

Connect VestraCharts to Interactive Brokers

The Trader WorkStation (IB’s trading platform) must be running on your computer. VestraCharts will connect to this program to receive the data feed, and manage orders.

First we need to set up TWS to accept 3rd party connections:

1. In the TWS program, click the Edit menu, and select the Global Configuration menu item from the pull down menu.

Interactive Brokers API configuration

2. In the Trader Workstation Configuration dialog box, expand the API list item on the left, and click the Settings item to open the API Settings screen. Make sure the all the checkboxes marked on the following image are set up appropriately.

Interactive Brokers API Setup

3. Still in the same page, check the Trusted IP Addresses box if it has an item “″. If not, Click the Create button, enter: into the textbox, and click OK.

4. Now switch to VestraCharts. Find the small icon marked with IB at the bottom right of the VestraCharts window. Click on the IB icon, and select Enable from the popup menu. The small led will turn to blue indicating that a connection is in progress, and starts to flash green if there is an active connection. If the led is red, move the mouse over the led to see the connection error message.

VestraCharts  - Enable Interactive Brokers connection

IB Ticker codes in VestraCharts

  • Forex: the two currencies separated by a slash, with an „.IB” postfix. Eg.

  • Futures: start with a slash, following the futures ticker code at IB, underline, exchange code, underline, expiration year and month together. If the futures’ currency is not USD, then you must append an another underline, and the currency code. And don’t forget the “.IB” postfix Examples:

    • /ES_GLOBEX_1112.IB is the ES futures contract that expires Dec 2011 (Traded on Globex)
    • /YM_ECBOT_1112.IB is the YM futures contract that expires Dec 2011 (Traded on ECBOT)
    • /DAX_DTB_1112_EUR.IB is the DAX futures contract that expires Dec 2011 (Traded on DTB, and its currency is EUR)
  • Stocks: For US stocks: standard stock ticker with an „.IB” postfix. For stocks outside US: stock ticker, underline, exchange code, underline, currency with an “.IB” postfix. Examples:

    • AAPL.IB is APPLE, a US stock
    • BHP_ASX_AUD.IB is BHP Billiton, traded on ASX (Australian Stock Exchange), in Austral Dollars
    • ADS_SMART_EUR.IB is Adidas, a German stock, traded using the SMART route of IB, in EUR.

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