Free data

Free daily, weekly, monthly (and quarterly-yearly if there is enough historical data available) from various free sources.

  • AOL: nearly realtime data of US Equities, some ETFs (a few seconds delayed), but no intraday data is available.
  • Yahoo: daily data from all major exchanges, major world indices and ETFs, delayed 15 minutes. No intraday data is available.
  • Stooq: long historical daily data of major Forex pairs and continuous Futures contracts. (no intraday data)

Ticker code rules

  • AOL: „.AOL” postfix, eg. AAPL.AOL
  • Yahoo: „.Y” postfix, eg. AAPL.YFXA.Y. For indices, put a „^” prefix, eg. ^GDAXI.Y is the ticker code of the DAX German index at Yahoo.
  • Stooq: for Futures use a „.F.S” postfix, eg. CL.F.S is the ticker code of the Crude Oil futures. For Forex pairs, use a simple “.S” postfix, eg: EURUSD.S

Built-in watchlists

In VestraCharts there are built-in watchlists that may be useful when using MBTrading as a data provider. Instead of manually entering the ticker codes, you can use a built-in watchlist. More about built-in watchlists in the Watchlists chapter.

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