Change the ticker

When you run VestraCharts for the first time, a single chart window appears, showing the S&P 500 index (ticker code: ^GSPC). To change the instrument, whose chart is displayed in the chart window, click the yellow textbox in the upper left corner of the chart window. Enter the ticker code of the desired instrument (for example: AAPL.AOL) and press Enter.

VestraCharts - chart ticker

This will download the historical data of APPLE from the free AOL data provider, and display its chart in the chart window.

Change the Time Scale

The default time scale is Daily, that is indicated by the small icon showing the letter D next to the ticker textbox. To change the time scale, click on that icon. To show a weekly chart, select W from the popup window. For monthly charts, choose M and so on. Please note that the free AOL data provider gives only daily data, so no intraday or range charts are available from this data provider.

VestraCharts TimeScales

Change the Chart Type

The next icon to the right from the Select Timescale icon is the Chart Settings. Its image shows the current chart scaling mode. To change scaling mode, click on the Chart Settings icon, and choose from Lin (Linear), Log (Logarithmic), and Sqr (Squared). Note that Squared is a quite unused chart type, more information on that is coming later .

VestraCharts - chart settings


To zoom in/out, click on the respective Zoom icons in the top right corner of the VestraCharts window, or use the Mouse Wheel.

VestraCharts - Zoom

Maximizing a chart window

When you have a layout with multiple chart windows, it may be useful to maximize a single chart window so that it fits the whole VestraCharts window. That way you can examine a single chart more easily. To maximize a chart window, click the Maximize/Restore window icon in the top right corner of the chart window.

VestraCharts - Maximize/Restore window

To restore the original layout, click the same icon again.

VestraCharts - Restore chart window

Moving back in time

To move the chart back or forward in time, click and hold the Right Mouse Button, and move your mouse horizontally.


Move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the chart window, over the Time display. The mouse cursor changes to two horizontal arrows. Press and hold the Left Mouse Button and move your mouse horizontally to move back and forward in time.

VestraCharts - Chart Navigation

Moving the chart vertically

To move the chart vertically, first move the mouse over the right scale area of the chart. The mouse cursor changes to show two vertical arrows. Press and hold the Left Mouse Button and move your mouse up or down to move the chart vertically.

VestraCharts - Chart navigation

When you move your chart vertically, you switch off the automatic vertical fit mode, so the chart will no longer resize itself vertically to fit into the current window. To switch back to this auto fit mode, press CTRL+Space

Keyboard shortcuts for Navigation

Keyboard Function
Left/Right Move back and forth in time
Home/End Move to the beginning/End of time
Up/Down Move up and down
CTRL+Space Turn on Auto-Fit mode (again)

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