Trade different with

Trade Forex, Futures and Stocks while analyzing charts with
unique tools to gain edge over traditional traders.

Comfortable trading

Forget typing numbers, trade on the chart

Just move a slider on the chart and let the software handle numbers for you.

Know your Risk & Reward

Check the possible risk and reward of each Position before commiting a trade.

Keep a close eye on your Positions

Every detail of each Position is displayed on the chart, such as changes to Stop and Target prices over time.

Automatic Position sizing

Set the size automatically to risk the same amount of money on each Position, depending on the Stop distance.

Display trade history on the chart

View all your historical trades on the chart to analyze your trade performance.

Auto-commit for expert daytraders

Drag Entry, Stop and Target price to the new value and commit changes upon the release of the mouse button.

Unique tools

Range Charts

Avoid Price Ranges and spot Trend Breakouts easier and earlier than with time-based charts.

Adaptive Stop/Target

Automatically suggests high probability Stop and Target levels based on recent chart characteristics.

Harmonic Trendlines

A fan of Trendlines with predefined slopes, reusable on the chart over and over again.

Harmonic Levels

Easily identifies Strong Price levels for a ticker

Your attention, please!

Alert line

Set an alert that checks for the price to break a certain trendline. For your daytrading pleasure!

Scan for drawings

Scan daily or intraday charts for price ranges set by your drawings on the chart.

Scan multiple timeframes

Scan for studies in multiple timeframes to get more promising signals.

Gratifying user experience

Mark promising tickers

Put away your pen and paper. Use the stars instead, to keep track of interesting tickers.

Use multiple workspaces

Create your own window layouts
(eg.: Daytrading or Position Trading)
and quickly switch between them.

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